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Cause Marketing

Today’s consumers patronize businesses that are stewards of humanity. Bringing cause marketing to the forefront of a firm’s marketing initiatives bolsters brand loyalty and audience engagement. The result: accelerated sales + achieving marketing goals.

JAE builds strategic alliances between companies and individuals who have complementary missions and visions. We help clients deliver sincere communications to their target audiences. Our expertise lies in creating messaging that promotes altruistic endeavors, pride, and profit.

The tactical strategy incorporates branded partnerships (co-branding), social media, viral marketing, community-focused events, media outreach, cause promotions, and public education to execute integrated cause marketing campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Our client firms conduct their daily operations and practices in accordance with the unwritten code of CSR, and strive to remain transparent about its efforts.

Product Proceeds Program [P3]: Similar to a cause-related marketing funding initiative, product proceed programs allow a business to appropriate revenue to a chosen charity. These programs should disclose—at the point of sale—the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the charity.

Social Enterprise: A social enterprise is one whose primary goal is to improve in human and environmental well-being rather than maximizing profits. Social enterprises can be for-profit, not-for-profit or nonprofit.

Strategic Partnership: Strategic partnership is a formal alliance between two companies whose assets can help each other.