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The Rise of Superman

Ultimate athleticism unveiled: In this film a dream team of award-winning producers, directors, cinematographers, cutting-edge scientists, and an astounding cast of athletes band together to produce a feature film adaptation and television series of New York Times-bestselling author Steven Kotler’s, The Rise of Superman.

The film uses action- and adventure-sports athletes as case studies to explore ultimate human performance. What appears to be impossible is actually progression of the sport. Behind each of these feats is a litany of small steps: history, technology, and mental / physical training. Of the things these athletes have accomplished, nothing is more impressive than their mastery of the state known to scientists & researchers as “Flow.”

Fortune 500 CEOs have built their corporate philosophies around the concept of the state of “flow.” From a quality-of-life perspective, psychologists have found that the people who have the most flow in their lives are the happiest people on Earth.

The film’s mission is to create a forward-thinking progressive movement that takes “Flow” from the action- and adventure-sports community, and moves it through the art, science and business communities to the mainstream. All while providing a platform for humanity from which to tap into their ultimate performance.

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