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Johnny Alamo

Johnny Alamo Entertainment (JAE) is a full-service talent and marketing agency, production company, and consultancy firm. We work with inspiring individuals, companies, and organizations to:

  • develop integrated partnerships for film, Web, television and live-entertainment productions
  • secure and manage endorsements for athletes, authors, chefs, and other celebrities
  • facilitate fundraising efforts and events for non-profit entities
  • broker thoughtful, authentic brand alignments; and
  • boost audience engagement via crisp digital content, experiential events, and strategic cause-marketing.

We don’t just make deals, we make deals come alive. For we believe most traditional sponsorship and endorsement deals are static and uninspired. As consumers become increasingly savvy to cascading brand marketing, they often skew their engagement and purchasing habits toward socially responsible organizations meaningful messaging.


Johnny Alamo is a mountain sports, celebrity and eco-events agent who brings nearly 20 years of authenticity to his expanding client base. In recent years he has brought on key clients in the fields of authorship, ecology, food/culinary, and events that both empower and inspire.

He is a proven partnership, co-marketing, and advertising-sales leader who brings a fresh history of delivering game-changing revenue to client brands— most recently totaling $50 million over 12 years.